HAYLEE FINN ~ osteopath

Women's and Children's Health B.App.Sc.(Clin.Sc.)/B.Ost.Sc.

Haylee graduated with honours from RMIT’s Osteopathic double degree in 2005.  She worked as an Osteopath in Townsville and Melbourne, and taught within the Osteopathic faculty at RMIT before returning to her hometown of Warrnambool in 2008.  Rebalance Osteopathy was born in 2010, and fast-forward to today, Haylee feels extremely blessed to work alongside a wonderful team of practitioners and administrative staff balancing her roles as a practice owner and a mother of three beautiful little people.

Even  before  becoming a  mother herself,  Haylee was drawn to supporting  women during  their   pregnancy.  The journey of pregnancy for many mothers is a time of excitement, a time of change and a time where many women are empowered to care for their bodies and the bodies of their growing children.  Haylee's study and experience  enables her to use touch and guided movement to help mothers grow a baby, to birth a baby and to rebalance them fully in the postpartum period.  

Haylee is passionate about taking a holistic mind-body approach in conjunction with using evidence based guidance when it comes to helping mothers returning to exercise, and dealing with conditions like prolapse, incontinence, and diastasis recti.  Unfortunately, these  conditions are often normalised or under-investigated in a new mum rather than being thoroughly explored and relieved. 

And if you're not pregnant or postpartum, don't worry! Haylee works with women at all ages of life, from children, to teenagers, working women, and retired women.  

What to expect duirng a women's health consultation with Haylee Finn ?

Haylee’s additional training

  • Graduate Certificate Neonatal & Infant Paediatric Manual Therapy, 2012
  • Pilates Level 2 Instructor- APMA, 2008
  • Holistic Pelvic Care™ 2019
  • McLaughlin Scar Tissue Release 2019
  • Optimal Maternal Positioning Ambassador, Melbourne, 2019
  • Spinning Babies workshop  with Fiona Hallinan, Geelong, 2019.  
  •  ‘Pregnancy Pain’ with Osteopath Elizabeth Howard from Women’s Health Research Institute of Australia (Melbourne, 2018)
  • ‘Modern Pregnancy Exercise - Integrated Core and Functional Training’ workshop with UK based Jenny Burrell (Melbourne, 2017)
  • ‘Healthy Pregnancy’ workshop with UK based Osteopath Averille Morgan (London 2009)
  • Obstetric and Paediatric Osteopathy with reknowned UK Osteopath Caroline Stone, Melbourne (2007)
  • Dry Needling 2016 (Warrnambool)

Price Schedule for consultations with Haylee Finn

Haylee is currently available on Tuesdays. 

Initial Consultations with Haylee Finn:

  • Women's Health Consultations: 75 minutes $160
  • Paediatric Consultations: 45 minutes $100
  • Postnatal Mother and Baby Consultation: 90 minutes $190

Subsequent Consultations with Haylee Finn:

  • Women's Health Consultations: 75 minutes $160 or 45 minutes $120
  • Paediatric Consultations: 30 minutes $80
  • Postnatal Mother and Baby Consultation: 60 minutes $150


women's health consultation with Haylee finn..what to expect

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live" Jim Rohn

Haylee loves this quote, although she thinks it should read ‘It’s the only place you (and your growing babies) have to live.

So if you are here because you are wondering what happens during a consultation with Haylee..here's a little insight into how she rolls...

1. Firstly she will discuss what has brought you in to Rebalance Osteopathy.  You will have an in-depth chat about your current presentation and also delve into your past medical history.  If you are a new patient to the clinic, feel free to fill out an online form a few days prior to your consultation. 

2.  Next we will perform an Osteopathic assessment - we will look at posture and movement, (including any movement or position that might be causing you discomfort).  Haylee will palpate various regions of the body assessing for tension, pain, strain, contracture, symmetry, asymmetry - we do this through clothing where we can, and will only ask you to remove those items of clothing we see fit. .  Haylee may perform various orthopaedic tests assessing low back, pelvis and hip stability and function.  This is performed standing, sitting and laying on the treatment table. 

3.  Haylee will discuss with you and propose a plan to treat the regions of your body she has found to be apparent from her assessment.  With your permission, treatment proceeds - this may be entirely hands on bodywork or it may be guided movement and exercise or a combination of the two.  To find out more about the various approaches Haylee uses - check out the links below:

Osteopathic techniques

 If your body needs more flexibility we use techniques such as soft tissue release, stretching, joint articulation and/or manipulation to move the tissues in directions they are restricted.  If your tissues need more blood supply we use techniques to encourage movement of blood flow.  If your injured site is congested or swollen we use techniques to move blood and fluid way from the region.  If you have too much mobility (this is called hyper mobility) then our techniques are aimed at improving joint coordination, muscle contraction patterns and less about improving flexibility.

McLaughlin Scar Tissue Release

This technique works beautifully to help scar tissue reorganise and disperse so that it receives improved blood and nerve supply which can reduce local pain or pain further from the site that may be impacted by the presence of scar tissue. C-section scars in particular respond well to this therapy.

Holistic Pelvic Care™ 

Haylee is one of very few osteopaths in Australia qualified to perform internal assessment and treatment of the pelvic floor.  Holistic Pelvic Care™ is a revolutionary approach to providing gentle, safe and effective management of many female pelvic conditions.

Exercises for pregnancy

Movement and exercise for pregnancy and birth preparation

From a movement perspective, Haylee calls upon her Pilates training, and her training as an Optimal Maternal Positioning Ambassador to implement an approach to facilitating natural birth that uses physiology before force and utilises concepts of balance, gravity and movement

4.  Haylee may reassess your body for any changes during treatment or at the end of the consultation.

5.  Before you leave Haylee will again go over the details of the assessment and treatment you have received including offering any home advice she deems relevant and answering any questions you might have.

Haylee's ultimate aim when working with a woman is  to help them come home to their bodies.  To have them feel rebalanced and completely at home in their bodies. Because after all, it’s the only place you (and potentially your growing babies) have to live. 

Would you like to work with Haylee?