mclaughlin scar tissue release

An innovative technique to treat an under-treated structure...

A relatively new technique, with worldwide training only rolled out in late 2018, Warrnambool is very lucky to have two Osteopaths qualified to perform scar tissue release therapy. 

Founded by a Scottish practitioner, Alastair McLoughlin, this technique is a simple, but effective method of addressing scar tissue in the body. Scar tissue represents either micro or macro trauma and a dysfunctional state of the affected connective tissue. This technique works beautifully to help the scar tissue reorganise and disperse so that it receives improved blood and nerve supply which can reduce local pain or pain further from the site that may be impacted by the presence of scar tissue. There has been some positive research conducted in the use of this technique for the treatment of C-section scars.

When can I get treatment on a scar?

Scars can be worked on with MSTR when at least 8 weeks has lapsed since the scar arose, and provided there has been no delay in the healing of the scar.  

Want to find out more...

Our osteopaths Haylee Finn and Kerry King are both qualified to perform McLaughlin Scar Tissue Release.